LED Display panels

Under the Shan Group of Companies, we have introduced the LED Display units to the local market specially for the small scale entrepreneurs to promote their business by displaying their products and names etc., whatever they have in line for sale. These LED displays can be programmed from a PC and can insert any number of figures and text, images and even time  to attract the customers. Since these are with the LED Lighting system the power consumption is very low. The well trained technical staff of Shan Group will assist the customers to chose according to their designs and sizes.

Specialty in these systems are that the systems can be modified or change the designs  whenever  a change is needed and this can be done by the owner of the system by himself since these systems are designed in self operation.  


Aluminium Showcases / Display Units

We are proud to be the first manufacturer locally in high quality aluminum showcases and display units.

With our well trained technical staff, we are in the process of manufacturing quality showcases, display units using aluminum and glass. We undertake any design or size as per the choice of the customer. These units can be illuminated with lights if there is a requirement for same. Customers can purchase standard sized and designed showcases / display units form our sales outlets.